Flyover Needed at Metra’s A-2 Crossing

Metra’s A-2 Crossing is one of the biggest bottlenecks in the Midwest's passenger-rail network. We need a new bridge to allow trains from Union Station to 'fly over' trains from Ogilvie Transportation Center.

With a flyover, Metra can expand service, reduce delays, and better serve its riders.

A new flyover, similar to the recently constructed Englewood Flyover, is needed at Metra’s A-2 Crossing.

Located two miles from Union Station at Western Avenue and Kinzie Street, A-2 is where Union Pacific-owned tracks from Ogilvie Transportation Center cross Metra-owned tracks from Union Station. It is one of the busiest and most complicated rail intersections in North America, with 350 trains crossing paths here every day.

Over 51,000 daily passengers on seven of Metra’s eleven routes and another 3,700 on Amtrak rely on A-2 working smoothly—but the track layout and switching equipment are more than eighty years old, and replacement parts are hard to find.

Photo: railsr4me Flickr

Existing routes that use A-2 Crossing directly:

  • Milwaukee District North
  • Milwaukee District West
  • North Central
  • Union Pacific West
  • Amtrak Hiawatha

Routes that use the A-2 shops:

  • Union Pacific North
  • Union Pacific Northwest
  • Southwest Service
  • Heritage

Potential routes that will use A-2 Crossing

  • Airport Express
  • Amtrak Midwest trains
  • High-speed trains