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$77 Billion Highway Trust Fund Subsidy

November 11, 2015

You've heard it over and over; highways pay for themselves through user fees. Like all myths it had a grain of truth, originally the federal Highway Trust Fund was entirely funded by taxes on users. 

However, for the last decade, Congress has subsidized the Trust Fund with billions of dollars from the general revenue pool every year.

Now, Congress is very close to approving a $77 billion transfer of general revenue to the Highway Trust Fund, another bailout. This gives them no excuse now for not funding passenger rail as well.

The bill that is working its way through the Conference Committee has direct appropriations for highways and transit, but only authorizations for intercity passenger rail.  

Here is what Congress needs to include in the final bill:

•    Make sure the Senate's rail title stays in the final bill.

The Senate included a rail title in their version of the bill. This is the first time that passenger rail has been incorporated into the long-term transportation plan -- giving passenger rail a true voice. The House, on the other hand, does not mention rail in their version of the bill. It is important for this title to remain in the final bill.

•    Give states and local authorities full flexibility with the $77 billion.

Currently the proposal restricts this money to be used only for road projects. Due to the fact that this money is being taken from general revenue there is no reason the money cannot be used towards other transportation projects at the discretion of the local communities.  Congress should allow this flexibility and have the communities make the decisions on what needs the investment.

•    Give $4 billion in dedicated funding for intercity passenger rail.

While the Senate has included a rail title neither the House nor Senate’s version of the bill provides a dedicated funding source. To address Amtrak’s growing demand and the need for an upgraded train system Congress must restore, at a minimum, funding to the FY2010 levels when they invested $4 billion in trains.

It is critical that the Conference Committee make these points a priority and include them in the final bill. 

This Friday, November 13, you can make your voice heard during the National Day of Action and tell Congress to fund passenger rail in it's long-term transportation bill.


Shira Orlowek
Operations Manager

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