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Agreement reached to save Hoosier State

October 16, 2013

We did it!

We knew we needed to stand strongly together to urge Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to save the Hoosier State Amtrak line, which connects Indianapolis to Chicago and towns and cities in between.

Last night, we learned that Gov. Pence and the Indiana Department of Transportation had reached an eleventh hour agreement to fund the Hoosier State line.

If you live in Indiana, can you send a message to Gov. Pence thanking him for doing the right thing and saving the Hoosier State?

This victory demonstrates that a strong, people-powered campaign can make a big impact.

Thousands of you mobilized to save the Hoosier State, the lifeblood of so many communities and families in Indiana and Illinois. You came to the rallies, spoke up at public hearings and sent thousands of messages to Gov. Pence and other elected leaders.

Quite simply, we could not have won this without you.

Let’s let Gov. Pence know he made the right choice by listening to our voices.Click here to send him a note. (This link only works if you live in Indiana.)

This victory is about more than just one Amtrak line. It’s about the future economic viability of our entire region--of millions of Midwestern families.

Thank you for all that you do.