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Amtrak Railcars Delayed

April 14, 2016

New railcars, meant for Missouri, Illinois, Michigan and California have been delayed and could lose important federal funding if the project is not completed on time. In 2012 Caltrans and IDOT awarded a contract for up to 430 bi-level passenger railcars to be built by Nippon Sharyo in Rochelle, IL. The first railcars, similar to the California Surfliners pictured to the right, were supposed to begin replacing Amtrak's Midwestern fleet by late 2015.

Initial designs did not meet the federal standards for absorbing compression force generated in a crash. Now engineers have to redesign the car’s body and undergo testing again which will delay production for about another two years.  The cars were funded with American Recovery and Reinvestment Funds that must be spent by September 2017, making it likely that the states will lose federal funding.

The U.S. has very different safety standards for passenger trains compared to the rest of the world. American passenger rail operators cannot purchase the modern trains used in Europe and Asia, even if they have a proven track record for safety. This makes it difficult and expensive to modernize rolling stock in the U.S.

We are very concerned about this setback to Amtrak modernization and urge the federal and state departments of transportation to identify ways to get new trains operating in the Midwest as soon as possible.


Dylan Hayward
Program Manager

Last Week at MHSRA:

We attended an event held by the Metropolitan Planning Council that discussed the $43 billion investment Illinois needs to make in transportation infrastructure over the next decade just to bring the network to a state of good repair.

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Upcoming Events:

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Join us this September to discover how Japan’s high speed network relates to the future of high speed rail in the United States. We will ride the world’s first high speed line, Japans newest and fastest high speed trains and enjoy the sights in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Call the Society of International Railway Travelers at 800-478-4881 to reserve your spot.

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When: Saturday, April 30, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. and Sunday, May 1, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
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When: Saturday, May 7,  9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
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Cost: The event is free!

Dylan Hayward
Program Manager
Midwest High Speed Rail Association
4765 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625