Action Alert

Ask your Representative to vote no on Amtrak cuts

The House will vote this week on a bill (H.R. 4820) that will significantly slash funding for passenger rail!

The House bill includes a 64 percent cut to Amtrak funding below the FY23 adopted levels and an 85 percent reduction to the Federal Transit Administration’s main capitalization program.

This would be disastrous for Amtrak, public transit and the future of passenger rail across the country!

It is urgent that you ask your Representative to vote no on H.R. 4820, and reject the budget cuts to passenger rail.

After contacting your Representative, please share this with anyone else who cares about connecting our country with fast, frequent, and dependable trains!

We will not share your information with other organizations, but please keep in mind that your elected officials will see your information and may add you to their lists.