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CA High Speed Rail Update

March 11, 2021

A committee-level information-only hearing regarding high-speed rail was held in Sacramento yesterday. 

Speakers included Brian Kelly, CEO of the California High Speed Rail Authority, Lou Thompson, Chair, California High Speed Rail Peer Review Group and Helen Kerstein, Principal Fiscal and Policy Analyst, Legislative Analyst’s Office. 

The Authority has requested that the Assembly appropriate the remaining Prop 1A funds authorized by the voters in 2008. 

We are very happy about the strong public support for the project:

Participation Metrics:

  • Petition Signers: 1,192 individuals have expressed their support for CAHSR, many with individualized messages that we sent to the Assembly.
  • We are thankful to the 59 organizations, community leaders, elected officials and labor unions have expressed their support and have them listed here. If you want to be added to the list sign up here.
  • Over 200 letters/emails were sent to CA Assemblymembers by their constituents. California residents can still send their message here.
  • 45 out of the 46 speakers spoke in 100% favor of the Revised plan and the allocation of funding proposed by CAHSR.

Much more needs to be done. 

The tenor of the statements and questions from Assembly members was very concerning, with a lot of talk about further delaying the project and/or redirecting the funds to other important rail projects. 

California has long been the leader in passenger rail and transit and has built an interconnected statewide network over the last three decades. High-speed rail will multiply the power of that network by 10 times.

The Assembly should commit to expediting high-speed rail and extending its leadership towards gaining a federal program modeled on the state’s success.