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CA HSR Federal Funding Restored

June 11, 2021

The Biden Administration has restored a $928.6 million grant agreement that the Trump Administration had tried to rescind. This is an important step for fully funding California High-Speed Rail and show’s President Biden’s commitment to advancing high-speed rail throughout the country.

According to the settlement agreement, the California High-Speed Rail Authority and the Federal Railroad Administration have agreed to restore the grant immediately.

“This settlement agreement follows intensive negotiations between the parties and reflects the Federal government’s ongoing partnership in the development of high-speed rail. It also underscores CHSRA’s commitment to deliver this transformative infrastructure project. The Department is excited about reestablishing this important relationship with the State of California and is committed to fulfilling its oversight responsibilities. This settlement is an important step in advancing an economically transformational project in California.”

With the federal government restoring funding, California is now committed to electrifying the 119 mile segment between Madera and Shafter. The next step is for the California Legislature to release the voter approved Prop 1A funds. This will allow the California High-Speed Rail Authority to electrify the 171 mile Central Valley high-speed line from Bakersfield to Merced, which will boost the entire transit network in California.

This is a critical time for the project. The legislature will pass the budget this week. We are concerned because the Budget committees in the California Assembly and Senate voted to “defer without prejudice” funds for the San Francisco to Los Angeles high-speed line, funds the CA voters approved in 2008.

We need Californians telling the legislature to step up and get this high-speed line all the way from Merced to Bakersfield.

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