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California High Speed Rail

December 17, 2015

This past week I spoke at the US High Speed Rail Conference in Los Angeles, giving me the opportunity to see the progress made on the first true high-speed line in the United States.  

My first stop was the high-speed rail exhibit at the California Railroad Museum in Sacramento.  Everyday, hundreds of kids and their parents “drive” a bullet train in a high-speed rail simulator, learn about high-speed rail development around the world and then experience the comfort of business class in a Siemens Velaro mock-up. It is a great way for the general public to see high-speed rail first hand.

Next, I was able to see the first 125-mph locomotive for Illinois and the first 125-mph coach for All Aboard Florida during a Siemen’s factory tour.

I continued my way north and drove to Sacramento via Bakersfield and Palmdale. The long drive and large amount of traffic demonstrated the need for high-speed rail on this corridor. State Route 99, which runs down the Central Valley, is a dangerous stretch of road that is always busy. The air was so thick with pollution that it obscured the mountains. Likewise, high-speed rail will transform the lives of thousands of families by providing a real alternative to the horrible rush hour drive between Los Angeles and Palmdale.

On the drive I was able to see the new bridge being built over the Fresno River near Madera.  It was great to see that construction really is underway!

The California High Speed Rail Authority has done tremendous behind the scenes work that will pay off soon and the Midwest will benefit directly by the standards and practices they have developed.

There is still a lot of work to be done.  The Authority is working to accelerate construction and "Dams or Trains" billboards along Route 99 show that opposition still exists.

But, we can celebrate 2015 as the year high-speed rail construction started in the US.


Richard Harnish
Executive Director

Click here if you would like to view pictures from my California trip.

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