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California High-Speed Rail Progress Report

February 25, 2016

This blog is out of date. Please click here for current info.

This past week the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) released their 2016 Draft Business Plan that demonstrates the path forward for California’s high-speed rail network.    

The new plan marks a change in strategy for the initial operating segment. An ongoing commitment of cap and trade funds has allowed CHSRA to accelerate the construction on the segment between the Silicon Valley and Central Valley, commencing operation by 2025. The new initial operating segment would stretch from Bakersfield to San Jose.

Planning and construction of the Bakersfield to Burbank segment will continue at its existing pace. The new funding stream also allows them to accelerate investments in the Burbank - Los Angeles - Anaheim segment. The segment is part of Amtrak's second busiest corridor and will be an essential link in the statewide system. CHSRA has laid out a phased plan, which will increase corridor capacity, eliminate grade crossings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This plan will provide immediate benefits to riders and set the stage for future high-speed rail service.

It is exciting to know that high-speed rail service could begin operating even sooner than previously expected. The project is setting a standard for high-speed rail development in the United States by establishing steps that other states can follow. Our hope is that success in California will help ignite a nationwide revolution in new passenger rail projects.


Dylan Hayward
Manager of Communications

This blog is out of date. Please click here for current info.

Last Week at MHSRA:

Executive Director Richard Harnish was a guest on Outside the Loop Podcast to speak about the potential express train to O’Hare. Skip to minute 6:54 for the start of the interview.

Shira Orlowek will be leaving MHSRA for a new position at CLEAResult, an energy efficiency company. Shira began working here in January of 2013 and has been vital to the success of our organization. We will sorely miss her energy and passion and would like to wish her the best of luck moving forward.

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California Bullet Train Headed First to San Jose — a Big Bay Area Win
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