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Congress Reaches Deal on 5 Year Transportation Bill

December 02, 2015

Tuesday afternoon brought news from Congress as the Conference Committee reached a deal on the long-term Highway and Surface Transportation Bill.

Now that the bill has been finalized, it is expected to move through the House and Senate by the end of the week. However, if the bill does not reach President Obama’s desk before the Dec. 4 deadline, a short-term patch will be necessary.

The bill will provide $305 billion in funding for the next five years. Approximately $70 billion has been taken from general revenue to help fund this bill because Congress has refused to raise the gas tax. The $70 billion can be used for various projects such as roads, public transit, and bike paths but is unavailable to fund intercity passenger or high-speed rail.

The bill authorizes $10.4 billion for intercity passenger rail but does not appropriate any funds. This is the first time that a passenger rail title has been included in a comprehensive surface transportation bill — it's a big step forward. It lays out separate authorization for the Northeast Corridor at $2.6 billion and the National Network at $5.5 billion but actual appropriation of the funds through separate sources will need to be pursued.

The requirement to eliminate Amtrak’s food and beverage deficit has gained a lot of attention but the language in the bill allows Amtrak to allocate a portion of their ticket towards food which will offset the cost. On another positive note it would appropriate another $200 million for PTC implementation on commuter railways.

While we celebrate this important milestone it is important to note that this bill has direct appropriations for highways and transit, but only authorizations for intercity passenger rail. We still have our work cut out for us to ensure that Congress appropriates the funds.


Dylan Hayward
Communications Manager


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