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Crunch time in California.

May 17, 2021

Governor Newsom released his May revised budget proposal last Friday. (In California, the Governor makes an initial budget proposal at the beginning of the year and a revised proposal in May.)

Now, negotiations between the governor and the legislature really heat up, with the final budget to be voted on by Mid-June.

Our members have been asking the Governor to include the appropriation of $4.2 billion of the high-speed rail funds the voters approved in 2008.  We are happy to say that he did that, and better.

This is a critical time.

Please ask your friends in California to get involved!

Here is a page where they can take action.

Governor Newsom's proposal includes:

  • $4.2 billion for high-speed rail
  • $1 billion for transportation projects related to the 2028 Olympics.  These will be transit heavy.
  • $1 billion for priority transit and rail projects across the state.
  • $0.5 billion for active transportation projects.
  • $0.5 billion for rail/highway grade separations and other improvements.

All states should take this kind of initiative towards better transportation.This is a critical time.A yes vote will set the stage for better federal funding later in the year.

Please send your California friends to this page:

You can learn more about California High Speed Rail here.