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Dance party on Amtrak train stuck in Jacksonville

March 28, 2015

A note from our friend Fitz Plous:

Did you see this story?  Stuck train? No problem..have a "Dance Party"

What's the story on this freight train that hit a truck carrying an "expensive car?"  Sounds like a genteel version of that accident in North Carolina two weeks ago where the Carolinian hit a high-wide load riding on a low-boy trailer trying to get over a grade crossing.

The real star of this show, of course, is America's Stone Age railroad system, with its hundreds of thousands of highway grade crossings of busy main lines handling 30, 40, 60 or 90 freight trains a day, some with commuter and Amtrak trains as well.  These passengers had to sit--or dance--for 6 hours while a wreck was cleared because there is no secondary route.  I admire the passengers' spirit, but really, it's 2015, and they deserve a railroad system that works.