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Eurostar Buys New Modern Trains

October 29, 2015

Eurostar, a popular train that provides high-speed rail service between London to Paris or Brussels and various other locations, is getting new trains called the e320. These trains will be operating before the end of this year!

17 new - 16 car trains have been ordered from Siemens and will be able to run anywhere in Europe. They are faster, going up to 320 km/hr, more energy efficient, and quieter than the trains Eurostar has been using for the last 20 years. They also carry up to 150 more passengers which is a 20% capacity increase.

The new trains are designed by Italian firm Pinifarina who are known for their work in the luxury car industry. They are now working with trains and have created that luxury feel with a consistency throughout each of the classes, of which there are three — Business Premier, Standard Premier, and Standard.

While the seat model may be the same throughout, there are different accommodations, such as the ability to recline, individual arm rests, multi use power sockets, cup holders and much more depending on the class you ride. Additionally, Business Premier has food served to their seats, Standard Premier has light meals and drinks included, and Standard passengers must pay for meals in the restaurant car.

Eurostar is moving forward with expansions, including new trains that will make it possible for new routes, greater capacity, and a more spacious trip.


Shira Orlowek
Operations Manager

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