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Fed Up!

July 01, 2013

Are you fed up with the recurring fight in Washington over Amtrak funding? I know I am.

Every couple of years, a Congressman suggests eliminating Amtrak routes.  Then, after dramatic political theatre, Congress budgets just enough for Amtrak to limp along for another year or two.

While we’ve been wasting time with these counterproductive battles, other countries have built more than 12,000 miles of high-speed line, connecting local economies and communities all over the world.

The Midwest High Speed Rail Association is a leader in the fight to bring fast, frequent and dependable passenger trains to the Midwest.  Through our advocacy work, we are changing the dynamic in Washington and across the country, and creating a climate of steady growth for rail transportation.

Will you join the Midwest High Speed Rail Association today? A donation of $25 or more will help to ensure that Midwestern train service continues to grow with faster and more frequent service.

Last week was a near replay of the old story.  The House Appropriations Committee proposed a budget that will kill train travel in much of  the United States, while the Senate Appropriations Committee proposed another limp along budget for Amtrak.

But there is one important difference this time around. Federal Railroad Administrator Joe Szabo stood his ground while testifying before the House’s railroad subcommittee.  He made a compelling case for expanding Amtrak and building high-speed rail. Szabo urged Congress to pass the Obama  Administration’s $6.6 billion FY2014 budget request, which would allow for a significant step towards a modern passenger rail system. Never before has an administration pushed so hard to expand passenger trains.

During my 12 years at the Midwest High Speed Rail Association, I have learned that our local leaders get it.  Many are willing to fight hard for expanded service, but they need help to get their message to Washington.

Turning sympathizers into allies, and organizing allies into coalitions is hard work. It requires both full-time staff and a travel budget to help that staff carry the message to decision makers across the Midwest.

Can you help make sure we can continue to get the word out by joining us with a $25 or $50 contribution today?

Thank you for all that you do.