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Help Bring High-Performance Trainsets to the Midwest

December 30, 2017

Our members have helped make progress towards a Midwest reconnected with fast, frequent and reliable trains. New stations have opened, higher performing locomotives are in service and new coaches are on the way. This is a big step forward but there is more we can do in 2018 to improve our passenger trains.

Please join the growing coalition for fast and efficient trains with a year-end contribution.

We are focused on an inspiring vision that will connect big cities, small towns and rural areas together into a more vibrant, more attractive place to live and do business. The vision starts with major improvements to trains already connecting the region.

There is a very urgent need to replace the Superliners (and Amfleets too) all of which are over 30 years old. Amtrak president and CEO Richard Anderson has already made it clear that the Superliners "need to be replaced or receive a stem-to-stern rehab."

Modern high-performance trains are central to making passenger rail competitive. The train itself directly impacts everything that matters to both riders and operators: comfort, speed, safety, operating costs, ridership and revenue.  This has been proven with innovative train designs overseas.

The Midwest states, coordinated by Illinois, have taken a big step by putting new locomotives in service and by ordering new coaches. We believe that every train in the Midwest should be replaced them with modern, high-performance trainsets instead of trying to rehab the aging cars and locomotives.

An end of year donation will help us build the public support necessary to get Congress to fund a new fleet of high-performance trainsets.