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House proposal includes $55 B for pax trains; MassDOT study

February 08, 2020

TGV #01, the first unit of the first generation TGV took a farewell tour this past week to celebrate 40 years of service. Photo: Jean Marc Frybourg


U.S. House proposal includes $55 billion for passenger rail

Major investments in rail and transit are included in an infrastructure proposal released by Democrats in the U.S. House in late January. The proposal includes $55 billion in passenger rail and $105 billion in transit investments over the next five years, in addition to new spending on roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects.

Overall, the plan calls for $760 billion in infrastructure spending. The railroad investments would expand train service and upgrade stations, facilities, and rolling stock.

Congress is debating the reauthorization of the 2015 Fast Act or surface transportation program—which expires in September.

“It’s past time for transformational investments to make our infrastructure smarter, safer and resilient to climate change, or else we will keep throwing money at an antiquated system that is only holding us and our economy back,” said Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR), chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Passing an infrastructure bill requires bi-partisan support and action by the Senate, so the prospects for the proposal are uncertain.

We are gathering petition signatures asking Congress to include high-speed rail in the FAST Act reauthorization.

Click here to add your name

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East - West Rail Study Summary Released

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation released a summary of its Pittsfield - Springfield - Boston East - West Rail study this week.

Option 6 would include a new-build 150-mph high-speed line between Springfield and Boston.

The projected ridership estimates for all the options are questionably low.  The study also fails to consider its potential as a high-impact segment of a much broader network.

Public meetings will be held on February 12 and February 24, click the MassDOT link below for times and locations.

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