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Let's Get High-Speed Rail On The Chicago to Detroit Corridor!

May 23, 2013

There is good news regarding the Chicago to Detroit/Pontiac corridor.

The Michigan Department of Transportation is leading a multi-state effort to develop a 20-year master plan for the corridor.  Much of the plan's focus is on the Chicago, IL  - Porter/Michigan City, IN segment, where two new tracks dedicated to passenger trains need to be built.

Can you take a minute to show your support for the process?

Last fall, we asked the DOTs to design the new tracks to be capable of being used by future 220-mph high-speed trains.  That means no movable bridges, no highway grade crossings and no interaction with freight trains.

The DOT's have completed the first round of comparing various route alternatives.  In addition to screening out several undesirable routes, the DOT's added a new alternative that likely meets our criteria.  This would not have happened without your input. 

The DOT's are now seeking comments on this stage of the process.  We need to reinforce our support for a truly dedicated passenger rail corridor.
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