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Midwest High Speed Rail Association Praises Obama Administration’s Support for High Speed Rail in Budget Proposal

April 10, 2013

CHICAGO (April 10, 2013)--<i>Midwest High Speed Rail Association Executive Director Richard Harnish released the following statement on Wednesday in response to the news that President Barack Obama has proposed allocating  a combined $6.6 billion high speed rail and Amtrak projects in fiscal year 2014:</i>

“Supporters of high-speed rail are elated that President Obama has included an aggressive high-speed and intercity passenger rail program in his FY2014 budget proposal.  It is now up to Congress to follow through.

“Fast, frequent and dependable trains draw regions closer, leading to a more innovative, productive and resilient economy.  They stimulate tourism and business travel, and generate new enterprises all along its routes.

“The magnitude of this project compares in impact to the great public works projects of the New Deal. Like the great hydroelectric projects and the interstate highway system built in the 1930s, high-speed trains will knit our country closer together while providing skilled jobs, training and many other benefits. 

“From an environmental standpoint, high-speed rail will be a huge “win,” slashing our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil, while cutting plane and auto emissions. It will spark and strengthen regional economies while  incubating new enterprises all along its path between major cities.

“Despite the importance of this initiative, Congress has failed to act.  It's time for them to follow the President's lead and approve funding for high speed rail in the United States.”

The Midwest High Speed Rail Association is one of the nation’s leading organizations advocating for fast, frequent and dependable trains linking the entire Midwest.
For more information about the Midwest High Speed Rail Association, or to request an interview with Richard Harnish, please contact Joanna Klonsky at 312-307-0840.