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A Modern Metra Electric

May 19, 2016

Chicago’s Metra Electric District is an under utilized asset that could be used to change the economic position of Chicago’s south side and south suburbs while providing the Chicago access point for Amtrak and high-speed rail. With this vision in mind a group of south side and south suburban organizations have joined together to create the Coalition for a Modern Metra Electric (CMME). Their mission is to work with Metra as well as local, state, and federal elected officials for an improved Metra Electric.

Support the coalition's vision today by asking the Illinois General Assembly and Congresss to provide funding for the modernization of the MED.

The MED is a very unique railroad. It is a high density line with level boarding, electric trains and tracks dedicated to passenger trains.

It needs to be modernized to support a train running every 10-15 minute. This would provide the opportunity for integrated fares and schedules with CTA and Pace using the Ventra card. Extending
the service to O’Hare via McCormick Place and Union Station would
transform transportation in the entire region.

Please join the effort to secure funding for a modern Metra Electric by sending a message to your representative in the Illinois General Assembly and Congress.


Dylan Hayward
Program Manager