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O'Hare Express Rail Service

February 03, 2016

We have long advocated for rail connections to airports throughout the Midwest in cities such as Indianapolis, Saint Paul, Milwaukee and others. Today we are sharing a new opportunity for a transformative project at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. On Saturday, January 30, Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a deal with  American and United Airlines for the addition of a sixth runway at O’Hare Airport. This is the first step in the city’s plan to add new terminals and modernize existing ones, creating an opportunity to incorporate a modern train station.

This opportunity becomes clearer with news of A Task Order Services Request (TOSR) regarding an O’Hare Express Rail Service (OER) recently issued by the Chicago Department of Aviation. The TOSR states that, “Express Rail Service between O’Hare and downtown Chicago is a critical goal for the City of Chicago and the Department of Aviation.” The Airport Express must provide a service that can handle peak period traffic while being competitive in speed and quality to other transit options between O’Hare and downtown Chicago. The service would run about 20hrs/day and 365 days/year with fewer stops along the frequent and continuous service.

The comprehensive study of the OER will include terminus options, potential routes, implementation schedules and amenities that would make this an attractive and competitive travel option. It will also include another key element to a successful express service, which is a connection between the express train and the O’Hare Airport Transit System (ATS). The goal will be to make the connection between the two seamless.

We are encouraged by the progress the City of Chicago has made and believe they should make the Airport Express compatible with high-speed trains. The picture above is our view of how a modern train station could be incorporated into O'Hare Airport. This is an exciting opportunity to create a high-speed rail hub that would improve travel across the Midwest.


Dylan Hayward
Manager of Communications

Last Week at MHSRA:

We released our annual survey last Friday to give our supporters the opportunity to have their voice heard and learn more about our community.  Thanks to all of you who have already completed the survey! If you haven’t had the chance yet there is still time to take the survey here.

MHSRA’s Executive Director Richard Harnish gave a presentation in Battle Creek about the importance of frequent service along the Chicago-Detroit Corridor. You can learn more about the project here.

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Upcoming Events:

Japan High-Speed Rail Tour

We are planning the tour for October of 2016. This trip will give everyone an opportunity to enjoy the rich history of train travel the country offers. We are creating an itinerary that includes riding the first high-speed rail line, visiting at least one railroad museum and meetings with experts in the field. We have already begun making contacts to arrange technical visits and train tours. Once we have received 10 fully-refundable deposits we will finalize the details of the trip.

Please click here if you would like to learn more or are interested in joining the trip.

Please click here if you are ready to make a $500 fully-refundable deposit for the trip.

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