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Original Artwork Sale

September 21, 2020

We are excited to be able to offer a number of original oil paintings and watercolor artwork, created for our organization’s advocacy efforts over the past 25+ years.

This is a unique opportunity as most of these paintings are original works of art and were specifically designed to show what high-speed rail would look like in the U.S. Many have hung in our office for years and have inspired us to keep working towards making high-speed rail a reality.

Most of the artwork was created by Mitch Markovitz, who is most well known for his railroad artwork. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries from Milwaukee to New York City.

All of the proceeds from this sale will go towards our advocacy efforts and goal of making high-speed rail a reality across the U.S.

Please contact us at or 773-334-6758 if you would like to purchase a painting. The artwork will be given on a first come, first served basis and are only available for a limited time.

Click here for the posters.

Chicago Skyline, Oil on Canvas, Framed 37.5” X25.5” $5,000 OBO

This is an original painting, framed and signed by Mitch Markovitz, showing what a high-speed rail line entering Chicago could look like. In the center is what’s called a trunk line, many different train routes would use these tracks to access communities across the Midwest. It also features the incredible view you have of the skyline and Lake Michigan as you ride the train in to Chicago.

High Speed Rail Connectivity, Oil on Canvas, Framed, 37.5” X 25.5” $5,000 OBO

This is an original painting of a high-speed train and public transportation which highlights the connectivity between different ways of travel. It was featured in the book How to Paint Trains Like a Pro and is framed/signed by artist Mitch Markovitz.

Indianapolis High-Speed Rail, Watercolor on Canvas, Framed, 35” X 26” $5,000 OBO

This is an original painting of a high-speed train leaving downtown Indianapolis. It's framed and signed by artist Mitch Markovitz.

Integrated Network Map, Watercolor, Framed, 38” X 28” $5,000 OBO

This is an original watercolor illustration that is all hand lettered, framed and signed by artist Mitch Markovitz. It depicts a conceptual high-speed rail network, developed using the Integrated Network Approach. This approach involves adding segments of new or upgraded lines steadily over time, like building blocks, to create a growing and thriving network.

CrossRail Chicago, Watercolor, 24” X 18” $1,000 OBO

This is an original water color illustration, signed by artist J. Craig Thorpe. It depicts CrossRail Chicago, a vision to bring fast, frequent and reliable trains throughout Chicago and Cook County by upgrading existing tracks. CrossRail would create a north-south link that serves frequent commuter trains, airport express trains and fast intercity trains from around the Midwest. Included in the illustration are many Chicago landmarks that would be connected by this service.

Fast and Frequent, Watercolor, Illustration, 30” X 20” $1,000 OBO

This is an original watercolor illustration, signed by artist Mitch Markovitz. It’s concept artwork for Chicago Union Station if it served high-speed trains. It has been used in campaigns to advocate for fast and frequent train service throughout the Midwest.

Midwest High Speed Rail Association Original Logo, TGV, Ink Illustration, 10” X 65” - $135

This is an original ink drawing on an illustration board, by artist Mitch Markovitz. It depicts a TGV train, which is the French name for their high-speed trains. This was used as the logo for the Midwest High Speed Rail Association for many years until we changed our name to the High Speed Rail Alliance.

Chicago Union Station Concept Drawing, Watercolor on Illustration Board, 13.5” X 10.5” - $135

This is an original watercolor sketch signed by artist Mitch Markovitz. It’s concept artwork for the South end of Chicago Union Station in the evening, featuring high-speed trains.