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Sign our petition to tell Congress you want high-speed trains!

October 29, 2019

Are you ready for high-speed trains? Sign the petition!

Please sign our petition asking Congress to prioritize high-speed rail in the next transportation program.

"We demand high-speed rail—now. We demand better passenger rail. We demand better transit options."

For decades, federal policies and priorities have created a vicious cycle.

Increased spending on new roads and new lanes creates more traffic, which spurs ever-more spending on construction and repairs.

A network of fast, frequent trains will strike at the heart of this dysfunction – and break the vicious cycle.

Congress has a prime opportunity to change course and choose a better path.

The Fast Act, which governs federal transportation spending, expires next year. By prioritizing high-speed rail, lawmakers can create a virtuous cycle of better transit and smarter growth.

Adding your signature to our petition makes the case for high-speed rail stronger. Your signature, along with others from around the continent, proves there’s a broad base of supporters who will give their time, energy, and resources to make it happen. And it builds momentum.

The more supporters like you sign, the more other people will be willing to sign and share. So it gets easier—and we gain more leverage and legitimacy—step by step, signature by signature, share by share.

That show of grassroots support is the only way to get attention in the U.S. Congress and state legislatures.

We don’t have the big money of most special interest groups.

But we have passion. And we have purpose.

We demand high-speed rail—now. We demand better passenger rail. We demand better transit options.

Signing a petition may be a small thing. But it’s great way to make our voices heard. So please invest a moment in joining us and telling Congress: Put high-speed rail in the next transportation bill!

Please sign the petition today, then triple your impact by asking two friends to sign.