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Taking Action on Climate Justice

April 15, 2021

We’re exactly one week away from Earth Day 2021 and now is the time to make our voices heard by taking action.

California is NOT currently on track to meet our state’s 2030 goals for greenhouse gas reductions. High speed rail gives the state the chance to achieve our 2030 goals, and it will result in major benefits for climate, green jobs, and clean air.  

  • This is an issue of Climate Justice and Equity. The Central Valley has some of the worst air quality in the United States, resulting in 1 in 6 children having asthma. A large contributor of this pollution is cars and diesel trucks, and reducing the number of vehicles on the roads will go a long way in improving the pollution and health impacts in this region.  
  • Take Cars Off the Road to Cut Harmful Emissions. The high speed rail line will use fully electrified trains that run on 100% renewable electricity. This will reduce vehicle miles traveled in passenger cars by 283.6 million annually, and save 50,600 metric tons of CO2 from being emitted. The construction of the CAHSR will also create thousands of green jobs, especially in the Central Valley region which has been economically marginalized and has the highest unemployment in the state. 
  • Investing in Clean High Speed Rail Instead of Highways and Airports Which Result in More Harmful Emissions. It is estimated that HSR from Los Angeles to San Francisco will prevent the need for an additional 4,300 miles of new highway lanes, 115 new airport gates, and 4 new airport runways—at a cost of about $158 billion—according to the California High Speed Rail Authority.  

We need your help to build awareness of and support for the Bakersfield to Merced high speed rail infrastructure project in California’s Central Valley as a climate justice issue. Join us for our week of action leading up to Earth Day, April 22nd, targeting key decision makers in the California State Assembly. 

Take Action Now: 

  • Send an Email to California Assemblymembers in Less Than a Minute: Use this form to send an email to Sacramento lawmakers. 
  • Petition Lawmakers in Less Than 30 SecondsSign this petition supporting the CAHSR Business Plan to build the high speed rail backbone that will eventually connect San Francisco and Los Angeles. 
  • Forward this Email to 10 Friends and/or Family Members Living in California: Getting lawmakers to notice the scale of this campaign will be key to its success. Forward this email to 10 California voters in your network and ask them to sign the petition and send emails to their Assemblymembers ASAP. 

The future of high speed rail in California and across the United States hinges on the appropriation of funds for the Bakersfield to Merced high speed rail infrastructure project. If it does not happen now, the project will never be completed. 

High speed rail is necessary for creating a more sustainable and equitable future. Please join us by taking action today.