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University of Illinois Study Released!

October 16, 2013

It’s finally out!

For more than a year, the Illinois Department of Transportation and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have been studying the feasibility of building high speed rail in Illinois.

The results? Just as we’ve been saying for years, they found it’s definitely doable!

We need to keep the pressure on and spread the word that the time to start building is now.

Click here to read about the study in Crain’s Chicago Business, and share the article on Facebook and Twitter!

We couldn’t be more thrilled. The Midwest High Speed Rail Association pushed for years to make sure the State of Illinois completed and released this study. It’s a critical step toward breaking ground on a true high speed rail line beginning in Chicago.

As always, naysayers will argue that construction is too expensive, or try to argue that the government shouldn’t spend money on building much needed infrastructure. That’s why we need to make sure Illinoisans know the truth: this is an investment that will be hugely worthwhile for the future of our economy, and for it to happen, we need the government to commit to funding it.

This study proves once and for all that high speed rail is not a pipedream. It’s real. It’s doable. And the time to start construction is now.

Read about the study and help spread the word!

Thank you for working with us to make this happen.