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Weekly Newsletter: The complicated future of train service in Indiana

March 10, 2015

Last week the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) announced it will end the Hoosier train service on April 1st.

INDOT had planned on using a private company’s locomotives and coaches and onboard customer service while retaining Amtrak employees to run the trains. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), concerned the agreement left no single party responsible for safety, said INDOT would have to register as a railroad to move forward. Governor Pence found the FRA’s decision unacceptable and decided to cut funding for the service all together.

Although this is a complicated issue and we are not qualified to weigh in, we would like to stress it is best to err on the side of safety even if it takes longer to reach an agreement.

We urge both sides to work together to come to a solution in the coming weeks before Indiana loses train service. The Hoosier service is an important transportation option for Indiana and could be even more attractive with more attention and investment. Failure to keep the line running would be a major setback to improving transportation in Indiana - and throughout the entire Midwest.

It is critical that Governor Pence and the Indiana legislature know how important trains are to their constituents. If you live in Indiana, please take 1 minute or less to tell Governor Pence and your representatives why the Hoosier service matters to you and your community.

All the best,

Julius Parod
Manager of Communications

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