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Weekly Newsletter: CrossRail's in the News Again!

September 10, 2015

Last week CrossRail Chicago made it into the news, again.

Streetsblog Chicago writer, Steven Vance, discussed using Metra tracks for the O’Hare Express train, announced by Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s as one of his top priorities.

The article discusses the benefits of creating an express train using the CTA blue line versus CrossRail Chicago’s proposal using Metra tracks. It also goes into detail about projects that CrossRail Chicago would entail and how it can set the stage for high-speed rail that could eventually benefit the entire midwest region.

At MHSRA we know CrossRail would provide so many benefits and are working hard to get support for the idea. Click here to read the full article and share with friends and family. 

Shira Orlowek
Operations Manager

Articles We Enjoyed:

Running on wind: the Dutch rail network's renewable revolution
"The Dutch rail network will run entirely on renewable wind energy by 2018...Rail companies are the basis for further sustainable energy, not only in the Netherlands but also elsewhere in Europe"

Uzbekistan completes electrification project
"Uzbekistan electrification project increases speeds to 160km/h and reduces a CHI-CIN length trip from 6 hours to 3 hours."

Switzerland has completed construction on the world's longest tunnel
"Travel time between Zurich, Lugano, and Milan will be shortened by an hour once the tunnel opens to passenger service in June 2016."

Federal Grant acceptance will allow work to begin on Southwestern Chief Route
"City commissioners held a special meeting to review and officially accept the $12.5 million TIGER grant for the Southwest Chief Route Improvement project."

Editorial: Build a transit network for the future
"Excellent transportation is essential to a local economy that is at least as diverse as any in the city’s past."

Upcoming Events:

This Fall MHSRA staff will be attending NARP's Fall Conference in lieu of our Annual Fall Meeting. We encourage our members to attend this meeting to learn more about passenger rail. On Saturday night MHSRA staff will be be having dinner after the meeting adjourns and would welcome MHSRA members to join us, we are making arrangements and are expecting a fee but do not know what it will be yet. Please RSVP here if you would like to join us for dinner.

Meeting Details:
NARP Fall 2015 Council Membership Meeting in Indianapolis, IN October 17-18.
Optional Tour of Amtrak's Beach Grove facility October 16
Learn more here.

P3 Infrastructure Summit 2015 In New York City - October 14-15, 2015

Shira Orlowek
Midwest High Speed Rail Association
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