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Weekly Newsletter: Senate RREEA Included In Surface-Transportation Bill

July 15, 2015

The Railroad Reform, Enhancement, and Efficiency Act is moving forward.

Last Thursday, the RREEA — as approved by the Senate Commerce Committee — was included as a title in the Senate's proposed surface-transportation bill.

The surface-transportation bill allows states to tap into the federal trust fund for highway and transit projects. In previous years Amtrak and other railroads has had a separate bill and has not had access to this money.

This is a huge step forward for passenger rail. Despite the bill previously proposed by the House, the Senate is finally taking action, showing that passenger rail is an important mode of transportation.


Shira Orlowek
Operations Manager

Last Week at MHSRA:

Rick Harnish, Executive Director, visited Tokyo and attended the 2015 UIC 9th World Congress on High Speed Rail where he met with people from across the globe to exchange views on the development and achievements of high-speed rail worldwide.

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7 Thing I've Learned as an Amtrak 'write in residence'
"My plan: I would leave the Bay Area heading to Denver across theSierras and the Rockies on the California Zephyr. I'd spend a day or sothere before finishing the route in Chicago, take another two-day break, then head east again on the Lakeshore Limited all the way to New York City."

Will the Gateway tunnel ever happen? Amtrak has bet $300 million that it will
"The new rail lines would boost commuter capacity on New Jersey Transit by 75%, relieving what is considered the worst transit bottleneck in the country."

High-speed train industry pushes for ambitious expansion
"At present, high speed rail covers almost 30,000 km worldwide and the network continues to expand, with China proving to be a strong competitor. In terms of operational skills, however, Japan is confident it remains the leader."

Second train from St. Paul to Chicago would be popular, new study says
"...the train most likely would run from Union Depot in St. Paul to Chicago, although future extensions to Minneapolis and St. Cloud would also be considered."

Second Livingston Passenger Train Proposed
Discussion has begun on a proposed passenger railroad linking Detroit and western Michigan, though a decision on WALLY, the proposed Washtenaw and Livingston railway, remains pending.

Upcoming Events:

NARP Fall 2015 Council Membership Meeting in Indianapolis, IN October 17-18.
Optional Tour of Amtrak's Beach Grove facility October 16
The meeting is open to all NARP members and other interested rail advocates.
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P3 Infrastructure Summit 2015 In New York City - October 14-15, 2015

Shira Orlowek
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