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Why I’m making my largest gift ever to support high-speed rail.

December 20, 2021

Guest post by Beth Coulson

Like you, I’ve wanted high-quality passenger trains for many years. In all this time—including as a member of the Illinois legislature, and as a member of the Board of the High Speed Rail Alliance—there has never been such a promising time for true progress.

This year, for this reason, I am offering a challenge. I will match every dollar given by supporters like you in the next week, up to $3,000.

Can you donate today to help seize this opportunity?

The recently passed bipartisan infrastructure bill could be the tipping point we’ve been hoping for. It will move projects like Brightline, California and Texas Central forward.  Proposed projects from Amtrak, state DOT's and regional transportation agencies can all benefit. These projects are so numerous and so widely distributed across the United States that their success could create real national momentum.

But this will only happen if engaged citizens and local civic leaders, like you, work for it – smartly and strategically. By supporting The High Speed Rail Alliance. You will help unify  diverse stakeholder groups across regions to ensure that agencies stay motivated to get high-impact projects done.

This is such an important year. And so, I am making the largest pledge that I’ve ever made to support the High Speed Rail Alliance by matching every dollar given by supporters like you up to of $3,000.

Please join me by giving now.  In a time when we still face many challenges, let’s make the most of this chance to build a more hopeful, more mobile future.

Beth Coulson
Glenview, IL
Representative Illinois General Assembly, Retired
Member, High Speed Rail Alliance Board