California is building high speed rail

Cruising at 220 mph

Los Angeles to San Francisco in under three hours? It’s not just a dream.

Two segments are being built right now and there is an excellent plan for completing the line.

The California legislature needs to release the remaining voter approved funds this June.

Help make sure the California legislature stays committed to the project.

Connecting hundreds of cities

High-speed rail is more than just connecting the Bay Area and L.A. These trains will directly serve more than 15 cities on the main trunk line, forming the backbone of a much larger transportation system.

Integrated with California’s extensive network of trains and buses, high-speed rail will ultimately link hundreds of cities and towns across the state.

The Phases

California is using the Integrated Network Approach. The high-speed line is being constructed in stages, progressively integrated into an already robust network of trains and buses. The Interstate Highway network was built this way.

With this approach, everyone begins to enjoy the benefits of high-speed rail – even before the entire route is complete. As each finished segment is added to the network, it further reduces travel times and increases ridership across the system, not just between high-speed rail stations.

Environmental review almost complete

The designs and environmental documents for the full route are nearing completion.

This includes planning for tunnels and bridges needed at three challenging segments: Pacheco Pass, Tehachapi Pass and the Antelope Valley – each filling a critical gap in the existing network.

Completed planning documents – combined with 220-mph trains operating in the Central Valley – will help with future phases of funding.

Las Vegas here we come

Brightline West expects to begin contruction on the Las Vegas - Victor Valley segment this year.  Planning for a connection at Palmdale is almost done and planning for another link over Cajon Pass is underway.

Brightline West also makes the Tehachapi Pass crossing easier to finance by adding the Las Vegas - Northern Californa and Central Valley markets to the network.

The future of high-speed rail in America is on the line. Right now. Please act.

Soon, the California Legislature will vote on whether to release $4.1 billion in voter-approved funds to continue building 220-mph, electrified, high-speed rail linking Los Angeles and San Francisco. We need to make sure they vote yes.