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Can you donate today?

November 27, 2018

Help us build a stronger connections throughout the Midwest

Can you donate today on my Facebook fundraising page? Facebook and PayPal will be matching the first $7 million in donations given through Facebook fundraising pages starting at 9:00 am Central Time today.

The strongest connections between friends, families and communities happen when people spend time together, face-to-face.  Trains allow you to be there more often for those important moments.  And unlike airplanes and cars, you can meet face-to-face while in motion.

High-speed trains will build a stronger and more resilient region, but they don't happen by magic.  It takes time to connect the right people to overcome the policy hurdles placed in the way.

By joining the Midwest High Speed Rail Association, you will become part of that movement to bring a proven technology here.

Please make a donation today at my Facebook fundraising page:

Thanks for your support, and Happy Trainsgiving!

Richard Harnish
Executive Director
Midwest High Speed Rail Association