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We support communities eager for fast, frequent, and affordable trains.

As a corporate partner, you will help harness the energy of local leaders to ensure that projects get completed and momentum continues to grow.

The recently passed infrastructure bill provides an unprecedented opportunity to create a federal high-speed and intercity passenger-rail program that can be sustained, and even grow, through changes in administrations or legislative control.

Success will require that states put forward high-impact projects, then move quickly to complete them. The High Speed Rail Alliance works to support them through this process. Our strategy focuses on equipping municipal officials, civic leaders, and engaged citizens with the tools and resources they need to advocate on their own behalf. We then connect and unify champions into coalitions capable of growing state and federal programs.

We use several methods to inform and motivate our network during this critical time. We have a multichannel communications program that:

  • keeps supporters at all levels up-to-date and motivated;
  • highlights successes in North America and worldwide, and explains how to replicate those successes in other locations;
  • ensures that the media highlights positive stories, and counters false narratives.

We support mayors and other officials in the critical role they play, by:

  • offering expertise in setting expectations and navigating the process to achieve success;
  • encouraging private sector investment in both existing and emerging corridors;
  • facilitating communications with state and federal leaders;
  • supporting coalition work on regional proposals eligible for federal investment.

To ensure that states seize this opportunity, the Alliance is expanding the already strong foundation of relationships we have built over many years of successful grassroots work in the Midwest. We are building from this foundation to engage leaders across the country.

It is particularly important that we identify and support powerful bipartisan champions in key districts.

Become a Corporate Partner

As a Corporate Partner, you will help the Alliance to ramp up its capacity. We are seeking to add a staff member dedicated to increasing the depth and reach of our communications program, and at least one person responsible for working directly with leaders at the local level. These additions to our staff will expand our ability to:

  • educate local elected & civic leaders and engaged citizens regarding the opportunity to improve their communities with fast, frequent, and dependable trains;
  • keep champions up to date, help them navigate the process, and support their efforts to educate governors and lawmakers;
  • help create a long-term vision of an interconnected economy, working through entities such as the Illinois High-Speed Railway Commission.

We will welcome your input and engagement. There will also be opportunities for visibility with local leaders. A corporate response form follows for your consideration.

Please contact Rick Harnish at 773-334-6758 if you have any questions.


Corporate Partner Levels


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Supporting advocacy by a trusted nonprofit to benefit your company, community, or industry
Sponsorship of an Alliance webinar with clickable logo


Above benefits plus:
Opportunity to present about your company at a webinar
Exclusive updates on actionable developments at the state and municipal level


Above benefits plus:
Position on Advisory Board to guide strategy

If you prefer to donate by mail:

Checks should be made payable and mailed to:

High Speed Rail Alliance
4765 N. Lincoln Ave., Suite 205
Chicago, IL 60625

The High Speed Rail Alliance is a 501(c)3 organization and contributions are tax-deductible.

About the High Speed Rail Alliance

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit supported by individuals, municipalities, companies, and foundations. We are governed by a 10-member, all-volunteer board.

Our roughly 1200 members know that high-speed trains, integrated with expanding transit networks, will revitalize cities, towns, and regions by making visits to family, friends, and business partners easier, more productive, and more affordable. And they will dramatically reduce carbon emissions in the process.

Our members and volunteers are supported by a staff of three full-time employees. Communications, media outreach and organizing functions are conducted by a mix of staff, volunteers, and outside contractors as circumstances and funding warrant.

It’s a Beautiful Country

Let’s see it. Let’s clean it. Let’s build it. Let’s make high speed rail a reality.

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