Donate this week to help us unlock a $2,000 challenge grant!

December 16, 2019

2020 will be a pivotal year for high-speed rail.

Can you help us raise $60,000 before December 31 by making a donation now?

High Speed Rail Alliance board members Beth Coulson and Stan Miller have generously agreed to donate a total of $2,000, but only if we get 50 donations this week!

Donate any amount before Dec. 23 to help us reach the goal of 50 donations and unlock this $2,000 challenge grant.

Here's a message from Stan:

Donate to the High Speed Rail Alliance today to reconnect our nation. Like you, I’m often asked to support worthy organizations. I gladly contribute to the Alliance—and I hope you will as well.

Why?  High-speed trains are a proven way to reconnect families, communities and regions. 50 years of operation and 28,000 miles of high-speed line around the world prove it. We need to rebalance our nation’s transportation systems—and recover our competitive advantage—by making fast, frequent trains an everyday option for travel across the U.S.

Wouldn't you rather take a high-speed train to visit your family this holiday season? It would easier, cheaper and greener than a long drive or a cumbersome flight.

We can make this a reality, but only if we work together.

The High Speed Rail Alliance is the organization that gives our big, diverse coalition the tools to connect with government and the other stakeholders that will make high-speed rail happen.

So fellow board member Beth Coulson and I are offering a challenge. If 50 people donate to the Alliance this week, we will kick in an additional $2,000.

Will you help us broaden our reach and strengthen our organization by making a donation today, during our 2019 Fast Track Challenge?

Stan Miller, Esq.
Board Member, High Speed Rail Alliance
Partner, Nixon & Peabody - Retired