A great way to spread the word

Need a gift for the high-speed rail advocate in your life? Here are several items that might do the trick.

We have a stainless-steel, insulated travel mug available just in time for the holiday season. It is a great conversation starter and a way for anyone to show their support for fast, frequent and reliable trains.

We also have plenty of posters, hats and keychains that would make great stocking stuffers.

We will send you one of your choice with a donation of any size.  Scroll down to see gift options and to donate.

High-Speed Rail Posters

These exclusive designs feature scenes of high-speed trains in the Midwest, including future visions of Chicago, Cleveland, and Indianapolis.  Our posters display scenes where high-speed trains are a part of everyday life, in bold textures and rich colors emblematic of America's heartland.

Insulated Travel Mug - High Speed Rail Alliance

Ever needed that quick jolt of caffeine as the train is nearing the station, but it's too late to get something from the cafe?  This mug will keep your coffee or tea warm for many hours, so it is ready when you need it.  It also has a tea strainer so that you can steep your favorite loose leaf tea.

This is the new High Speed Rail Alliance version.  Please consider a donation of $50 or more if you would like one of these.

Insulated Travel Mug - Midwest High Speed Rail Association

This is the older version of the mug above, with our Midwest High Speed Rail logo.  It works for coffee, loose leaf tea and cool drinks.  We have just a few left.

Toy Train

Toy stores typically carry toy trains that model old passenger trains in the US. This Hot Wheels-like die-cast bullet train will introduce the child in your life to modern, high-tech equipment.


A cool key fob based on a Chinese high-speed train.

Hats - Both High Speed Rail Alliance and Midwest High Speed Rail

We have just a few hats left with our old Midwest High Speed Rail Association logo.

High Speed Rail Alliance hats are on order.  Please consider a donation of $35 or more if you would like an Alliance hat.