How to Pay For Use of Shared Rail Infrastructure: The German Model for Access Fees

September 09, 2022
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Zoom at 10:00 PT, 11:00 MT, 12:00 CT, 13:00 ET

Ambitious plans for new train services and networks that are open to third parties often encounter questions such as these: 

1) What is the fee structure, considering mixed traffic? 

2) How will you provide access in a fair manner? 

3) How do you maximize financial sustainability for the infrastructure owner? 

In this talk, we’ll hear from DB Engineering, Consulting and Operations North America about how DB, through an open access model, made its rail network freely available to all parties and developed a model for infrastructure access fees. 

We will be discussing the key components that will influence the financial sustainability of our networks.

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