Japan High-Speed Rail Tour

September 27, 2016 to October 08, 2016
(All day)

The best way to understand the impacts of high-speed rail is to ride it.  So, we have set up a trip to do just that.

Here are some highlighted of the things we’ll do:

  • Ride Japan’s newest and fastest high speed trains
  • See how the infrastructure around a new, greenfield station is dealt with
  • Experience how Japan deals with blended service
  • Ride unique metro lines in Tokyo
  • Learn about the mechanics of high-speed rail at the JR Central museum
  • Explore the world’s largest railroad station headhouse
  • Ride the world’s first high-speed line
  • Ride streetcars in Hiroshima.
  • Enjoy the sites in Hiroshima, Kyoto and Tokyo

Throughout the trip, there will be talks to explain what we are seeing and relate them to potential high speed rail development in the United States.

We have included a long version and a short version of the trip.  We do not recommend the short version, but wanted to make it available for those who really want to go, but can’t get that much time off.  The long trip that starts September 27th or the shorter option that begins October 2nd, both of which end on October 8th.

The trip is being managed by the Society of International Railway Travelers.  They have donated their services on six previous trips and have done an excellent job.

Please contact them directly at (800) 478-4881 or tourdesk@irtsociety.com if you are interested in joining us.

You can get a sense of what we will see on our Flickr page or

Click here for the full itinerary and detailed trip information.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call 773-334-6758 or email Dylan (at) JustBuildIt.org.