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What will it take to make high speed rail happen?
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Making high-speed rail a reality

We are a growing community working to bring the game-changing power of fast, frequent and affordable trains to North America.

We know that high-speed trains, integrated with expanding transit networks, will revitalize cities, towns and regions by making visits to family, friends and business partners easier, more productive and more affordable.

And they will dramatically reduce carbon emissions in the process.

The Urgency

High-speed rail strikes at the core of today's biggest challenges with our environment, the economy and fragmented communities.

We can't wait any longer to dramatically change our priorities and rapidly expand passenger train networks.

Our near-total focus on highways has divided communities at a huge financial and environmental cost.
We take a multi-track approach

Building new high-speed trunk lines will take time.  We need states to commit to planning and financing them right now.

And, we urgently need to improve our existing trains to make them fast, frequent and affordable.

So we take a multi-track approach, supporting regional and national plans that integrate both immediate improvements to the existing networks and the construction of transformative high-speed lines.

Making high-speed rail a reality will require new high-speed lines (left), upgraded shared-use lines and big-picture plans to integrate both. Photo: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Track 1: Integrated Plans

We support big-picture regional and national plans that integrate high-speed trains, conventional trains and expanded bus networks.

Integrated networks make each segment or route more useful to travelers – thus building a stronger business case and a broader politcal base for the system as a whole.  And, they make it easier for multiple agencies and/or companies to coordinate their projects.

California has an excellent model for other states to follow.

California's 2018 State Rail Plan is a model for the nation.
Track 2: Immediate Improvements

There many opportunities to improve existing railroads to benefit both passengers and shippers.

The Chicago - St. Louis 110-mph project offers a lot of lessons for future projects.

The Chicago - St. Louis 110 mph project is an excellent example of rebuilding existing assets.
Track 3: High-Speed Lines

We push for the completion of transformative high-speed lines.

Projects in California, Florida, Nevada, and Texas are underway.


California is building the first high-speed line.
We learn and borrow from global best practices

We know that high-speed rail will work because it is working, right now, across the globe.

More than 28,000 miles of high-speed lines have been built since the first high-speed trains began running in 1964. And more lines are being built.

We learn from and promote the best models, helping policy makers understand how to make high-speed rail work in the unique environment of North America.

Help make it happen

The Alliance is membership-supported, and we are the nation’s largest and most seasoned high-speed rail advocacy organization.  Since our founding in 1993, we have been a driving force behind numerous policy and funding achievements.

You can help make high-speed rail a reality by joining us today.


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