Night Trains

It’s time to change the conversation about Amtrak’s long-distance night trains.

The conversation should be about growing and expanding the service, not saving what little is left.

We should be talking about how long-distance trains are highly efficient and productive tools for serving many sub-markets, not the cost burden that Amtrak makes them out to be.

The debate should be about acquiring new state-of-the-art trainsets, ways to make our trains run on-time, and when to add service—not casting doubt on their value.

The High Speed Rail Alliance believes in a visionary federal policy to expand service throughout the country.

We champion policies that recognize the power of networks to build volume and value beyond the sum of individual “corridors.”

Long-distance night trains are a foundation that the entire national network can be built on.

The trains are held back by unreliable service, outdated rolling stock and high-overhead costs.  These are challenging problems, but they can be overcome with proper investments.