Opportunity in DC: Right Now

This summer is critical

Congress is debating the future of transportation funding and policy right now.

There’s a lot going on. Bills that could deliver big wins for fast, frequent and affordable trains are moving forward—and moving fast—on four separate tracks.

And a diverse new group of advocates—the High Speed Rail Coalition—has just formed to help build the momentum.

Much of the coalition's work will happen in late July and early August, but could stretch into September.

It is urgent that Congress hear from voters and local leaders that Americans want high-speed trains!

Support the High Speed Rail Coalition
Reconnecting All of America

Now, a growing coalition in Congress is demanding a big program to build high-speed rail and expand Amtrak service. At least 81 members have showed their support so far.

They know that high-speed rail will strike at the core of today's biggest challenges with energy, the economy and the environment.

It will reconnect families, create new economic opportunities and slash carbon emissions.

Defining success
Integrated network

Congress should fund an integrated network combining high-speed rail, expanded Amtrak and modernized commuter rail. It will take roughly $20 billion per year – a fraction of what we spend on highways and airports, and key policy changes.

With an integrated plan, different types of trains (and buses and planes) can work together to reconnect thousands of communities, big and small.

20% new high-speed rail

Roughly 20% of the route miles should link major cities with new, high-speed tracks dedicated to 220 mph trains.

These would transform travel habits, energizing public transit networks across the country.

80% upgraded tracks

The majority of the system will use upgraded existing lines.

That means new partnerships with private railroads to improve both freight and passenger service.

The most modern trains

We need a strong domestic supply chain to build the most modern trains.

Today's trains are faster, safer and more fuel efficient than the old trains running on Amtrak and commuter railroads today.

Show your support

The opportunity to get high-speed rail moving in the US is very real - If enough voters and local leaders get involved.

You can help in three ways:

  1. Send an email to Congress, and follow up with a phone call
  2. Persuade your mayor, or another influential leader, to sign a letter of support.
  3. Share this page with your friends.