Re-connecting all of America

The urgency

For too many years, a near-total focus on highways has divided communities, polluted our air, and placed a huge-financial burden on families and towns.

We can't wait any longer to change our priorities. We need fast, frequent and affordable trains.

Bringing us together

High-speed rail strikes at the core of today's biggest challenges with our communities, the economy and the environment. High-speed rail will:

  • Re-connect families, cities and regions
  • Create new housing and economic opportunities
  • Slash carbon emissions caused by driving
A national high-speed rail program

The U.S. needs a national program with roughly 20% new, high-speed lines dedicated to 220-mph high-speed trains and 80% existing lines upgraded for faster and more frequent passenger and freight trains.

With an integrated plan, different types of trains (and buses and planes) can work together to reconnect thousands of communities, big and small.

Tell Congress to fund high-speed rail