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Reminder: Register to learn how California’s rail plan is so common-sense it’s revolutionary

September 27, 2018

Secure your seat now at our Oct. 11 luncheon in Chicago with Chad Edison, Deputy Secretary for Transportation at California State Transportation Agency. You’ll get personal insights on California’s revolutionary new rail plan, and the chance to ask your questions about how we can replicate it in the Midwest.

What makes California’s plan so exciting? It’s built on no-nonsense ideas that are proven around the world:

  • An interconnected network of train, transit and bus services that is both dense and far-reaching. High-speed rail, frequent commuter trains, and feeder bus lines.
  • “Pulse” scheduling that makes it easy and convenient to transfer from one service to another. Your train arrives at a transfer hub and you step off, cross the platform, and board another that departs shortly.
  • Streamlined ticketing, so that one ticket purchase covers your whole trip, across several services.

Simple, right? It might even seem obvious to those who have traveled in Europe or Asia.

But here in the United States, it’s not obvious, because we’ve never had a plan that’s broad or bold enough to put these goals on paper and commit to making them a reality in 20 years. California’s plan will make it so easy to get from any “point A” to any other “point B” that the number of people riding trains will grow tenfold to 1.3 million every day.

That’s why California’s seemingly straightforward plan is so exciting, and why we need to make the same thing happen in the Midwest.