Tell Gov. Pritzker: You want better trains!

January 29, 2019

Can you help us seize a great opportunity?  Here's the deal:

Illinois hasn't passed a capital spending package since 2009, leaving the state with a laundry list of infrastructure projects that desperately need funding. With a new governor and general assembly in office, a capital bill is on the agenda for the upcoming legislative session. We want to make sure that fast, frequent and dependable trains are a big part of the mix.

This is a big deal whether you live in Illinois or not. The 2009 state capital bill made a host of meaningful projects possible that eliminated delay points for commuter as well as intercity routes. Now, we can build on that success, this time as part of a larger vision. A big victory in Illinois will ripple throughout the region.

We need to demonstrate a broad base of support, and we need to do it quickly.  Here's how you can help:

Sign this petition and send it to as many people as you can, especially your friends in IL.

We would like to get to 1,000 signatures within a few weeks.

Fast, frequent, and reliable train service will revitalize big cities and small towns alike, connecting people with jobs, family, and other resources in different communities through quality transportation options. It's time for Midwestern states to commit to making it work.

You can check out the petition and share with friends here.