Tell Governor Holcomb: Invest in Trains!

January 11, 2019

On January 10, Governor Holcomb released his proposed budget for the next two fiscal years.  In it, he proposed eliminating the Chicago – Indianapolis Hoosier State.

Please ask Governor Holcomb to invest in the train, not cut it!

The Chicago-Indianapolis rail corridor connects the two largest cities in the Midwest, stopping at Lafayette and Purdue University on the way.  Reducing the trip time to less than three hours and offering hourly service would make the train a clear winner over driving I-65.  It would become the first step in a statewide network centered on Indianapolis.

The State of Indiana should partner with Amtrak, CSX and NICTD to create and fund a plan to make the corridor shine.  Instead, the Governor is throwing up his hands.

Click here to tell the Governor that you want a great train to Indianapolis.