We connect supporters and policy makers to make high-speed rail a reality

What will it take to make high speed rail happen?
Imagination. Dedication. Patience.
And supporters like you.
The Alliance is your voice and partner on this journey.
Please join us.
We take a dual track approach

Our goal is clear: We want a network of fast, frequent trains that connect the entire nation. Making that happen means combining lots of local and regional rail projects. So we take a dual-track approach.

Track 1: We support local projects that improve or expand existing commuter and passenger rail service.

Track 2: We push for the completion of a transformative high-speed line. Projects in California, Florida, Nevada, and Texas are underway. They’re being built by both private and state actors, and they’re setting the stage for a flourishing of high-speed rail across America.

Making high-speed rail a reality will require both new high-speed lines (left) and upgraded shared-use lines (right) Photo: Jean-Marc Frybourg
We learn and borrow from global best practices

We know that high-speed rail will work.  It is working, right now, across the globe. More than 28,000 miles of high-speed lines have been built since the first high-speed trains began running in 1964. And more lines are being built.

We learn from and promote the best models, helping policy makers understand how to make high-speed rail work in the unique environment of North America.

We promote big picture plans

When we all pull together, we all win. A detailed state or regional transportation plan unifies all interests. It shows how both conventional and high-speed rail systems improve each other when they’re well-coordinated. And that builds the case for funding both.

So the Alliance pushes for states and the federal government to create big-picture, coordinated transportation plans. California has an excellent model for other states to follow.

California's 2018 State Rail Plan is a model for the nation.