We Need Fast Trains

For us, for our communities, for our planet

High-speed trains are a proven way to reconnect families, communities and regions.

50 years of operation and 28,000 miles of high-speed line around the world prove it.

It isn’t too hard to understand why.

Trains are a great way to travel. They offer a combination of speed, comfort and affordability that give families and friends the freedom to visit each more often and business leaders the opportunity collaborate more closely.

And, the spin off benefits of people traveling by train are huge, building healthier cities and towns while slashing carbon emissions.

But, for too many years, federal policies have caused a cycle of disfunction. They’ve focused on new highway lanes and cheap greenfield development—creating even more traffic and spurring ever-more spending on highway construction and repairs.

High-speed trains will strike at the heart of this dysfunction—and break the vicious cycle.

Making it happen will require a big-picture vision and a strong, unified effort.

Our alliance gives a big, bipartisan base of people like you the tools to communicate with change-makers in government and industry in a timely, informed, and unified way. We pool resources and build the will for systemic change through collective action.

Please join with us in telling Congress to chart a new course. Together, we’ll tip the scales toward high-speed trains.