Why we're now the High Speed Rail Alliance

September 26, 2019

High-speed rail is big.

It brings revolutionary benefits for us, for our communities, and for our planet.

Bringing the revolutionary benefits of high-speed rail to you will require a big change in our thinking, a big, coordinated effort, and big investments.

High-speed rail is bigger than the Midwest. That’s why the Midwest High Speed Rail Association is now the High Speed Rail Alliance.

Our work in the Midwest put us in touch with people all around the country, and we found that people everywhere want to take a fast train instead of being stuck behind the wheel or being subjected to the tiresome rituals of air travel. Cities large and small want to anchor their downtown revitalization with a busy train station. Small business owners want to stay in the communities where they have a legacy, but still be able to reach customers and attract the next generation of employees. And we all want to reduce the carbon cost of our everyday travel. Trains are the obvious answer.

So while the Midwest will continue to be our home, we’re expanding our reach and setting our sights on a bigger goal: making high-speed rail a priority in the 2020 federal transportation funding bill.

Although there are important regional and state efforts around North America, making fast, frequent, and reliable trains an everyday reality for everyone starts with a massive shift in priorities as the federal level.

As high-speed rail networks around the world continue to grow and link to each other, it’s also much easier to debunk the long-standing myth that America is too big for high-speed trains. You can catch a train from Beijing to Shanghai—the equivalent of New York to Chicago—every 30 minutes or so, and arrive only 4 hours and 30 minutes later. Europe will soon have high-speed tracks all the way from London to southern Italy, roughly Chicago to Dallas.

So we know America isn’t too big for high-speed trains. It’s just the opposite: High-speed rail is an American-sized endeavor. Only by uniting voices from around our vast country will we achieve the big change we need.

To our longtime supporters, welcome to the Alliance.

To everyone else, we welcome you to join us and make your voice one with ours as we fight to bring high-speed trains to you.