Federal Petition

Tell the United States Congress: It’s time to reconnect the country with high-speed and regional rail!


July 23, 2023



Momentum for fast trains is growing!

The country needs a federal railway-aid program, structured like the Interstate Highway program, to take full advantage of the community, economic, and environmental benefits of trains.

Please join with us in asking Congress to create a national rail program to re-connect America with fast, frequent, and affordable trains.


Dear Members of Congress,

It’s time to expand freedom, strengthen our communities, and protect our planet’s future by committing to fast, frequent and affordabe trains across America. That means an integrated network, combining both high-speed rail and upgraded conventional trains.

It’s time to build our local, state, and national economies with better mobility. The businesses that anchor our towns need better travel options to attract new customers and top talent.

It’s time to bust the myth that America is too big for train travel. In fact, most of our vast country was developed around train lines. The success of Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor and California routes, prove that now—more than ever—Americans want and will ride fast, frequent trains.


Because we want freedom to get around without being stuck in traffic or stuffed in a small airplane seat.

We need to reduce the carbon footprint of our everyday lives.

We need a big, bold vision—combined with step-by-step progress, collaborations between private interests and government, and incentives that keep the business community invested.

It will require a national program coordinated with state-level initiatives—just as the federal government organized the Interstate Highway System and the states implemented it.

We should adopt the Integrated Network Approach, which combines the transformative power of new high-speed lines with the reach of upgraded existing freight lines.

Please prioritize fast, frequent and affordable trains across the country!