About The High Speed Rail Alliance

Joining Together To Meet Today’s Biggest Challenges.

Advocating for Better Travel Options

The High Speed Rail Alliance is a people-powered non-profit working for stronger communities and a healthier environment through the development of fast, frequent and affordable trains.

We help engaged individuals and civic leaders understand what American trains could be, why we should build them, and how to make it happen.

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High Speed Rail Is Urgent

High-speed rail strikes at the core of today’s biggest challenges with our environment, the economy and fragmented communities.

We can’t wait any longer to dramatically change our priorities and rapidly expand passenger train networks.

For growth. For freedom. For cleaner, better, more connected communities.

How Do We Meet That Urgency?

Connect Interest to Activists

Get to know more about the issues and meet more passionate people

Connect Advocates To Leaders

Help educate local, state and federal leaders and show them people care

Connect Experts To The Public

Raise awareness and interest by helping spread why high speed rail works

Connect Communities to Communities

As the system grows, it brings communities together, opening opportunities

Connect Regions To Regions

Expand, connect, and grow — what starts local binds together America

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That’s How We Build A Better Tomorrow. Be a Part of It

Our work can’t be done without you. As we grow, our voice gets louder and our mission becomes stronger. Get connected with the Alliance.

Join us to make fast, frequent, and affordable trains a reality.

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We’re Made Up Of People From Our Communities

Leadership. Young Professionals. Volunteers. Together, we form the High Speed Rail Alliance.

Why? Because we care about the future. We’re driven to make transportation cleaner, more affordable, and faster.

Meet the Team

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Our Foundation, Corporate and Municipal Partners

High speed rail is good for communities. It’s good for business. It’s good for everyone. That’s why we’re so honored to having foundation, corporate, and municipal partners who want to be a part of the solution.

High speed rail doesn’t come about because one person wants it. It’s a joint effort. It’s a partnership between different groups. It comes from connecting.

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Promoting Workable, Shovel-Read Plans for High Speed Rail

High speed rail isn’t based on future technology.

We don’t have to invent new ways of doing things. We just have to leverage existing resources to make high speed rail a reality. That is our three-track program.

Chicago Union Station Breezeway

Track 1: Integrated Plans

We support big-picture regional and national plans that integrate high-speed trains, conventional trains and expanded bus networks.

Integrated networks make each segment or route more useful to travelers – thus building a stronger business case and a broader political base for the system as a whole. And, they make it easier for multiple agencies and/or companies to coordinate their projects.

Track 2: Immediate Improvements

There many opportunities to improve existing railroads to benefit both passengers and shippers.

Track 3: High-Speed Lines

We push for the completion of transformative high-speed lines.

Get On Board With The High Speed Rail Alliance

If you’d like to be a part of what we’re doing, we’d love to have you on our side. Together, we can make a better tomorrow for transportation.

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