You Can Take Action

Support the American High-Speed Rail Act

Ask Congress to support the American High-Speed Rail Act of 2024, which would provide $205 billion in dedicated funding for high-speed rail.

High Speed Rail Petition

Join thousands of people asking Congress for a national rail program.

A woman is reading a tablet while riding in first class on a Chinese high-speed train.

Corridor ID Action

Ask your governor to make the most of the Corridor ID program.

A man is looking out the window of a TGV that is passing cornfields and windmills.

Illinois Fast Track Initiative

Help persuade Springfield to create a state railway program.

Email your State Capitol

We have a sample email to help you contact your state represtatives.

The Chicago Greyhound station is in the foreground. Several high-rises are in the background, demonstrating how close the bus station is to downtown.

Save the Midwest Bus Hub

Ask Mayor Johnson and Governor Pritzker to save the Chicago Greyhound Terminal

ICE Northbound near Lindburg

Email your Representative and Senators

We have a sample email to help you contact your federal represtatives.

Blackhawk Corridor Plan

Ask Governor Pritzker and Governor Reynolds to launch service on the Blackhawk Corridor.

Michigan Action Alert

Ask Lansing to adopt and fund a statewide expansion

How You Can Be Part of the Future

Want to help make an American high speed rail network a reality? Join the Alliance today. Your passion makes us stronger.

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