High Speed Rail in the Southeast

Region in Brief

The Region

The Southeast has some of the fastest-growing and most culturally innovative cities in the country, including Atlanta, Miami, and Nashville.

It also boasts scores of vibrant mid-sized communities like Asheville (NC), Greenville and Charleston (SC), and Chattanooga (TN).

With its central location and rapid growth, Atlanta has immense promise as the heart of a regional and national high-speed rail network.


North Carolina and Virginia have great state programs and are working together to develop regional rail linking Raleigh, Richmond, and Washington, DC.

Brightline Florida recently launched hourly departures linking Orlando and Miami.

The Obstacles

Multiple states must work together to achieve success, and Georgia needs to take the lead. It will take a strong federal program to reach full potential, but the states can make great progress with existing programs.

A map showing the Southeast routes proposed by the Federal Railroad Administration.

Federal Planning

The Federal Railroad Administration and the Southeast Corridor Commission have created a Southeast Regional Rail Plan, which builds on states’ individual plans and offers a vision for a regional network.

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State Progress

Several states have made progress on shared-use corridors. Learn about individual state and corridor plans below.

Southeast States and Projects

A conceptual rendering of the second Long Bridge over the Potomac River linking Virginia to Washington, DC.

Long Bridge

Virginia recently received a federal grant to build a new, passenger-only bridge across the Potomac.

A map of the proposed Commonwealth Corridor across Virginia.

Commonwealth Corridor

Virginia has purchased the right-of-way needed to build a cross-state corridor.

A Southbound Amtrak train is loading passengers at Richmond's Main Street Station.

Richmond - DC Regional Rail

North Carolina and Virginia recently received a federal grant to rebuild an out-of-service freight line for fast passenger trains.

The S-Line

The S-Line is a mostly out-of-service freight line that will be rebuilt for fast passenger trains.

Charlotte Gateway Station

A new station is under construction in downtown Charlotte.

Atlanta - Charlotte High-Speed Rail

Georgia has completed a Tier 1 EIS for a new high-speed line. It was recently accepted into the Corridor ID program.

S-Line TOD plan

North Carolina is being proactive to develop walkable communities around new stations on the S-Line. 

Passenger are descending on the escalator to platform level where a Brightline train is waiting.

Brightline Florida

Brightline recently opened a new regional line, with hourly departures.

A dude is using an IPad on a station platform wth a high-speed train in the background.

Take Action

The country needs an Interstate Railway Program, like the Interstate Highway Program, to take full advantage of the community, economic, and environmental benefits of trains.

Please join with us in asking Congress to create a national railway program to re-connect America with fast, frequent, and affordable trains.

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