One Nation. Many Regions. Connected By Trains.

Think national. Act local. Then bring it all together.

A Unified High Speed Rail System Will Unite the Country

America is defined by its regions. From the mountains and lush forests of Cascadia, to the plains and Great Lakes of the Midwest, to the bluegrass and sweet wetlands of the Southeast—every region is unique.

The common thread is our passion to move forward. To build a better economy. To be a better country.

High speed rail will pull all of it, and all of us, together.

The wonders and possibilities of each region. The hopes, ambitions, and adventures of a people on the move.

Twice, the federal government led programs to unite the country with a national highway system.

High-speed rail needs and deserves the same. That’s what we’re working for.

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A national map showing the country split into six regions.
Midwest Region Map


Home to dozens of major and mid-sized cities, the Midwest has been the heart of rail travel in America for 150 years. It connects the East, West, and South—and will be the foundation for a national high-speed rail network.

Region in Brief

  • The issues: The Midwest must think regionally to compete on the world stage. A trip of less than 3 hours between most major cities would take its productivity and innovation to the next level.
  • The obstacles: Multiple states must work together to achieve success, with Illinois and Indiana shouldering the greatest burdens. It will take a strong federal program to make it happen.
  • The activism: Local leaders have begun to rally around critical improvements in Chicago.

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The Northwest is a hub of the global tech sector, and its vibrant cities and natural beauty make tourism a bedrock of the regional economy.

Region in Brief

  • The issues: The Washington Department of Transportation has demonstrated that building a new high-speed line will cost less than half as much as adding a single lane to Interstate 5.
  • The obstacles: Progress will require the cooperation across several boundaries: two states, a Canadian province, and two federal governments.
  • The activism: Microsoft is leading a coalition of business and civic leaders to push for a new high-speed line from Portland to Vancouver.

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Northwest Region map
Southwest Region map

California & Southwest

California & the Southwest

People from across the world flock to cities like San Diego for sunshine and beaches; to L.A. and San Francisco for iconic experiences; and to Denver, Salt Lake City, Santa Fe, and scores of other towns and cities for outdoor, cultural, and culinary adventures.

Region in Brief

  • The issues: California leads the nation in applying the Integrated Network Approach to its transportation system.
  • The obstacles: New tunnels linking the Central Valley to Los Angeles and Silicon Valley will be critical to success.
  • The activism: Strong grassroots support since 1990 has put California at the cutting edge of developing passenger-train and transit networks.

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South Central

The South Central region is anchored by four of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the U.S.: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. It also boasts globally renowned cities like New Orleans; natural wonders like the Ozark Mountains and the Texas Hill Country; and vibrant mid-sized cities like Little Rock, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa, with their low cost of living and high quality of life.

Region in Brief

  • The issues: Texas is home to two separate high-speed rail projects: The Dallas – Houston Texas Central route and a state-led study along I-35.
  • The obstacles: Despite some innovative shared-use projects in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the region has not yet embraced passenger rail.
  • The activism:

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South Central Region map
Northeast Region Map


Home to Wall Street, the Northeast is the financial capital of the U.S. Its economy is also anchored by strong healthcare, insurance, and tech sectors, and it has scores of world-class colleges and universities.

Region in Brief

  • The issues: Since 1965, special federal programs have given the Northeast Corridor the most developed system and fastest trains in the U.S.
  • The obstacles: The rest of the Northeast region—like most of the country—suffers from the lack of a federal program.
  • The activism: A strong coalition of business leaders and elected officials is lobbying hard for expanded investments in the Northeast Corridor.

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The Southeast has several of the fastest-growing and most culturally innovative cities in the country, including Atlanta, Miami, and Nashville.

Region in Brief

  • The issues: The Brightline company in Florida and the State of Virginia are national innovators in developing shared-use lines. And Georgia has led the initial design of an Atlanta – Charlotte high-speed line.
  • The obstacles: Much of the region has little experience with developing or investing in passenger rail.
  • The activism: Senator Jon Ossoff has been a strong champion for high-speed rail in Georgia.

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Southeast Region map
Interregional Routes

Inter-Regional Trains: The Foundation

Long-distance, Inter-Regional Trains represent the best of America. They connect cities and remote rural areas; serve higher-ticket tourists and budget-minded commuters; and unite elected leaders of every political persuasion.

Region in Brief

  • The issues: These highly productive trains are the foundation for improving, expanding, and transforming our entire national rail network.
  • The obstacles: Amtrak has neglected to request the funding needed to maintain the system.
  • The activism: Rural congressmen have led the way, resulting in a Federal Railroad Administration study to create a framework for expansion.

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Four track trunk line

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